Public Service Agreement Offer

This document serves as an invitation to all interested parties to enter into a Service Agreement with us, accessible via By accepting this offer, you affirm:

  1. Your actions are intentionally directed towards legally binding outcomes as outlined in this Agreement.
  2. You possess full capacity to engage in contractual agreements.
  3. At the time of agreement, you are not legally incapacitated, under any influence that could impair your ability to comprehend the agreement's essence, nor suffering from any condition that would affect your decision-making capabilities.

Definitions Within This Agreement

  • Acceptance: The act of fully and unconditionally agreeing to this offer by performing actions that demonstrate agreement through the site's functionalities.
  • Customer: An individual who accepts this Agreement’s terms, thereby engaging with the service offerings under this established Agreement, must be a competent person of at least 18 years of age, intending to utilize the services as outlined.
  • Contractor (Organizer): The provider of services through the site.
  • Site Administration: The individual or group authorized to manage the site, including content moderation and user interaction, acting on behalf of the Site Owner.
  • Website: The digital platform hosted at, encompassing all associated data and intellectual property.
  • Offer: This document, proposing a contract to an undefined audience for service provision, as hosted on the Website.
  • User: Any individual or entity engaging with the site, whether on a free or paid basis.

Key Agreement Terms

The agreement is an offer for joining, binding both the Contractor and the Customer upon acceptance without exception to its terms. The Contractor commits to delivering services as agreed, with the Customer obliged to accept and, if applicable, pay for such services. Acceptance is signified by the Customer through explicit agreement actions detailed on the site.

Service Scope

The Contractor offers information on car sales and auctions, including detailed historical and statistical data, accessible through the site. Services include, but aren't limited to, access to specific car or VIN information, with the scope defined as non-commercial personal use. The Contractor makes no guarantee of service suitability for every user's objectives or that the content is exhaustive and error-free.

Service Costs and Payment

Prices are set by the Contractor and are subject to change until payment confirmation. Payment signifies full agreement to this contract's terms.

Service Delivery

Full site utilization requires user registration, providing accurate and complete information. The Contractor offers both free and paid services, each with specific access levels to site information.

Rights and Responsibilities

Customer: Entitled to services under this agreement, responsible for providing accurate information, and maintaining confidentiality of account details.

Contractor: Obliged to deliver services as agreed, maintain data confidentiality, and is allowed to adjust service prices unilaterally.

Liability and Dispute Resolution

Parties are liable per Ukrainian law and international standards, with pre-trial dispute resolution favored. The Contractor is not liable for service disruptions outside its control or for inaccurate user-provided information.

Personal Data

Agreement acceptance includes consent to personal data processing in line with Ukraine's data protection laws and the site's Privacy Policy.

Force Majeure

Parties are exempt from liability for non-fulfillment under uncontrollable circumstances beyond their control.

Agreement Duration and Termination

Effective upon Customer acceptance and lasts until obligations are fulfilled, with provisions for early termination under specified conditions.

Final Clauses

Acceptance is only valid in full, with the Customer confirming understanding and full agreement. The Agreement is governed by Ukrainian law and international standards, with mutual consent for data processing and storage related to the Agreement's execution.

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